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Factory Supply Zirconia Ceramic Bearing High Precision Ceramic Bearing

Zirconia ceramic is a kind of inorganic non-metallic material with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and excellent conductivity. 

Product Introduction

Zirconia ceramics, ZrO2 ceramics, have high melting and boiling points, high hardness, are insulators at room temperature, and have excellent properties such as conductivity at high temperatures.

Shengda Ceramic provide all kinds of Alumina Zirconia Electrical Ceramic Plunger Parts Insulator. Also the rings, rods, tubes, plates, inserts, bushing, sleeves, blocks, plunger and so on. Any dimension requirement, please contact us.


1. The strong acid and alkali resistance of zirconia ceramic shall be better than other materials.

2. Zirconia ceramics are not easy to wear, with strong durability. The hardness is close to the natural diamond and light than metals, also has the gem properties such as never wear and non - discoloring.

3. Can maintain the mechanical strength under high temperature, can be used in the condition with high temperature.

4. Good surface finish quality, could get more glossy smooth surface. Small coefficient of wear, with quite good self - lubricating function, non - magnetic, electric insulation, static - free, anti interference and radiation.

Technical Parameters

95 alumina substrate

Production process

1. Grind and crush the raw materials to be slurry or powder

2. se-different method to making the slurry or powder into semi-finished products

3. Put the semi-finished products into the kiln for dewaxing and sintering;

4. After forming and sintering, Ceramic Sleeves products can also be processed by subsequent CNC precision machining according to the drawing requirements. Then Q/C test.

5. Finally package Ceramic Sleeves by bubble paper or cartons and place it on tray for delivery

95 alumina substrate


95 alumina substrate

Our customers

Wearable Alumina Ring Al2O3 Ceramic Ring Ceramic Insulation Ring

Packaging and shipping

95 alumina substrate


Alumina AL2O3 Substrate Insulating Ceramic Substrate Thermally Conductive Ceramic Sheet


Q: Do you have the products in stock? 

A: Some standard produce have in stock, such as ceramic band heater insulator; bobbin heater insulator and ceramic connector. But it needs to check according to your requirement.

Q: How do you pack the goods?

A: Our standard packaging is carton, we can customize it as per your requirement as well.

Q: How many days do you finish the sample?

A: Usually 15 business days (Including 8days for making furnaces and 7days for producing samples)

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Subject : Factory Supply Zirconia Ceramic Bearing High Precision Ceramic Bearing

Factory Supply Zirconia Ceramic Bearing High Precision Ceramic Bearing

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