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High Heat Resistance Refractory Mullite Ceramic Part

Honeycomb ceramic filter apply to metal liquid filtration, it is made by material of mullite or cordierite ceramics. With unique high-density straight-pore honeycomb structure, excellent thermal shock resistance, high strength, high porosity and specific surface area.

Product Introduction

Mullite is an excellent material due to its high temperature stability, strength and creep resistance. It is similar to Cordierite, although it is not as good an insulator and has a higher coefficient of thermal expansion. It is commonly used in heater exchange parts and electrical insulators.

Technical Parameters

mullite honeycomb ceramic

Production process

1. Grind and crush the raw materials to be slurry or powder

2. se-different method to making the slurry or powder into semi-finished products

3. Put the semi-finished products into the kiln for dewaxing and sintering;

4. After forming and sintering, Ceramic Sleeves products can also be processed by subsequent CNC precision machining according to the drawing requirements. Then Q/C test.

5. Finally package Ceramic Sleeves by bubble paper or cartons and place it on tray for delivery

mullite honeycomb ceramic


mullite honeycomb ceramic

Packaging and shipping

mullite honeycomb ceramic


Q: How can I get the after-service?

A: Any quality problem, feel free to contact us, we’ll deal with it within 3 working days.

Q:What kind of transportation mode do you have?

A: By Sea/By Train/By Air or By Express, 15-20days Against Deposit.

Q: How is your price level?

A: Factory direct sale, we have whole production line work process from platform to main parts. We have hot injection machine and dry pressing machine.

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Subject : High Heat Resistance Refractory Mullite Ceramic Part

High Heat Resistance Refractory Mullite Ceramic Part

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