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What To Watch Out For Alumina Ceramic Rods Before Use

Feb. 06, 2023

Before using the alumina ceramic rod, please evenly coat a special coating on the surface of the ceramic rod to reduce the formation of adhesion on the surface of the ceramic rod. Before inserting the ceramic rod into the kiln for use, please place the ceramic rod in the  kiln top of firing zone (about 120 ° C). Allow the ceramic rods to preheat and dry for at least 12 hours. Please note that the installation of the ceramic rods into the kiln body should be completed as quickly as possible to avoid the ceramic rods being heated for too long without rotating. Please keep the ceramic rods turning under load and avoid power failure. When the hot ceramic rods are withdrawn from the kiln, if you need to move the ceramic rods from the kiln to another place, please use thermal insulation cotton or gloves to hold the ceramic rods to keep them vertical during the transportation process, avoid tilting or levelling, avoid touching hot ceramic rods with cold metal tools.

When the alumina ceramic rod is pulled out of the kiln, please place it horizontally on the floor covered with a thermal insulation blanket, and cover the ceramic rod with thermal insulation cotton to cool it gradually. Avoid knocking on the ceramic rod and avoid generating excessive temperature gradients inside the ceramic rod. Transparent ceramic mainly refers to a polycrystalline material with translucency produced by the ceramic process. Transparent ceramic not only has the high hardness, high strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and excellent chemical stability, it also has glass optical properties, relatively good dielectric properties, and other related properties that are unmatched by other materials.

However, cast molding technology can make and produce single-phase or double-phase ceramic flakes, and it is an ultra-efficient processing technology for manufacturing such structural materials. The  important thing is that it has a high production efficiency. Continuous operation can be performed, and the size of the defect is very small. The focus is that the product has small fluctuations in the composition, so the overall performance is exceptionally stable. It can also be processed in large quantities, which is more suitable for manufacturing large thin plate ceramics.

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